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Recent content by legend9182

  1. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    Well firstly, aging up was your choice not others. If you want to stay in highest Era then stay there but don't ask others to do the same. Bcz its a game which depends upon choices and strategy. So everyone has there own. You can't call it bad due to the fact they get higher Era units while...
  2. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    He will insult Bcz he has no real reason except the excuse. Only one way will stop which is if you loose against him which is not possible
  3. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    Well staying at any Era is there choice. This game is a strategy as well as choice game. So if someone doesn't wants to move up. It's enough big reason to not move up. And fight don't change too much with age. Only troops does. Those who are good at fighting will win against 500% with 250%...
  4. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    So a few guild will be able to stay in diamond league
  5. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    Nothing can solve this. But one of my guildees gave a good idea which will prevent from blocking others by making alliance I will define it here In diamond league only So 1st guild will get +100 or something 2nd guild will +0 3rd guild get - 25 4th guild get - 50 5th guild get - 100 6th...
  6. Cold: Adding Player's Age to the Global Ranking screen

    Also age doesn't mean that they will have all future Era building. They can be of lower era
  7. Cold: Adding Player's Age to the Global Ranking screen

    First of all Getting bps by aiding can only help to build. After you reach level 10 arc you need to take them directly through gb. Because bps needed are so much that 1 or 2 per day bps won't make any difference
  8. Love the Villas...

    It's not main event building
  9. Android app not getting the update

    I have 1.185.16 installed
  10. In-game achievements

  11. space management

    Rushing ages not recommend
  12. Files in android

    Okk bro Will try to make it more bigger:lol:
  13. Files in android