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Recent content by Lady Rowena

  1. AF quest not completing

    >.< Delete/build. Well, I've done that before. Good thing I have Alcatraz.. Thanks :)
  2. AF quest not completing

    Yes, I built it yesterday & got the quest today. But in the past, I got the reward of quest if I'd already done the task previously. Thanks Shad, I wasn't sure if it was a bug, or something I missed.
  3. AF quest not completing

    Hi, I couldn't find anything related to this, sorry if its the wrong place: I'm in Arctic Future & I have a side quest, Snow Goliath, which is to build a behemoth hanger. I build one yesterday & have one unit so far. Quests have always completed before this, when I had already done the task...
  4. Update Update to 1.183 Feedback

    I like most of the visual changes, but what have you done to my tavern! I loved seeing the new shiny tavern when I went into Arctic Future, now its dowdy. Not happy. Not sure about the site for the future space construction because I haven't found it. I do look forward to seeing how the...
  5. Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    Is there any way to turn off the music in the St. Patrick's Day event? I use my computer to listen to music or audiobooks, & the event's music is so repetitive I can't stand it, & can't use sound on the computer at all.
  6. Rogue transforming order

    What determines which troop the rogue will morph into when its hit? I like to use rogues in the continent map, but I can never tell what they're going to turn into. Often, they all morph into the same troop, and it could be something less useful than I want. Is there s way to have some...
  7. Outdated quests

    Its a Princess Myciena quest to acquire 2 sectors of Grand Gap and in one type of building, produce 10 cartwheels. The hint is "You can produce at a cooperage or at a wheelwright." So on re-reading the quest, I saw what I missed in my hurry the first time! The wheelwright is a premium...
  8. Outdated quests

    Well I'm not going to buy, with diamonds, a building I can't use. I have better uses for my real world money.
  9. Outdated quests

    How can I delete or dismiss quests that are in past eras? I'm in modern era in Brisgard, and I have a non dismissible quest to buy a premium building, the industrial age wheelwright. Another quest offers me a musketeer, which I have no need of. There have been other outdated quests in other...
  10. Event Easter Event 2016

    Oh, Please, get rid of that arrow! I play on 6 worlds, and to have to clickclickclick to get rid of it each time is beyond annoying. Other than that, I'm loving the Event so far. Hoping I get the Shrine.
  11. Princess Myciena asking too much

    I just got a quest I'm never going to fulfill, and it can't be skipped. Silly Myciena wants me to have 7 riflemen or 7 rangers. I'm not going to build duplicate troop bldgs. just to get to the next quest, so I guess it'll hang there forever, lol.
  12. New Guild Automated Message

    I agree, it gives us what we already have. Most of the Guilds I'm in do very well on our own.
  13. My msg is *what*??

    I just got a message to a player returned, saying "this message has been marked as spam"! What is spam about trying to help a new member? I saw a really unrealistic trade offering, a level 1 goods for a level 8 goods. I let the player know about a resource giving all fair trades. Is that now...
  14. Open Recruitment to the Free Radicals Guild

    Hi Hoagalbee, I'm 1 1/2 tiers away from Iron Age, but I need trades in order to advance. My neighborhood is small, and the trades I've had up for 2 days get no nibbles. I play about every hour, to keep up production, and I support my neighbors daily. Right now I produce 5 units of lumber...
  15. Polishing decorations

    Thanks, that helps. (Me and my neighbors)