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Recent content by Knight of ICE

  1. Knight of ICE

    New Idea: Negate 15 seconds with collection

    It is your proposal. Shouldn't you know?
  2. Knight of ICE

    New Idea: Oracle Quest

    This proposal falls under the Do Not Suggest List to start with. That you still have the quest in Colonial is your own doing. You could have finished it a long time ago.
  3. Knight of ICE

    New Idea: Negate 15 seconds with collection

    15 seconds doesn't cut it. Maybe for aid and collect, but not for attacking.
  4. Knight of ICE

    Never enough Forge points...

    It is an easy 200 fp a day and on some days more.
  5. Knight of ICE

    July wildlife

    It also has an end date, so it is most likely the result will be given after that date and before the event ends.
  6. Knight of ICE

    July wildlife

    What does it say?
  7. Knight of ICE

    Never enough Forge points...

  8. Knight of ICE

    Battle Be able to change battlefield map skin to reflect different background style

    Background of the battlemap is based on the age.
  9. Knight of ICE

    Unformatted: GBG attrition

    Ideas need to be posted in a mandatory format. Yours isn't to start with. Even when it is formatted, it can not be on the Do Not Suggest List. Also it should not have been proposed before. This is how you propose an idea...
  10. Knight of ICE


    They get shuffled.
  11. Knight of ICE

    new world

    So basically what you are saying is that a player with a lot of GB's, can have 10 times the ranking points you have without any attack/defense bonus. Makes perfect sense. I would fight the 15M neighbour anytime, but I do not think fighting is hitting the autobatttle button.
  12. Knight of ICE

    new world

    You are wrong. Points are not just given by buildings in your city. I suggest you look up how points are given before you come up with statements like that.
  13. Knight of ICE

    new world

    You can not defeat them because of the attack/defense bonus they have. Not because they have a lot of points. #1 player on my world has 4x the amount of points I have. I can beat him with ease and he can not beat me, because of the attack/defense boosts we botht have. Points mean nothing when...
  14. Knight of ICE

    Feedback on Mobile Hud changes

    This is a feedback thread for the new HUD. GE ranking not showing has nothing to do with that.It is a bug that is being dealt with.
  15. Knight of ICE

    new world

    Yeah right. The power that got you in LMA in 4 months. The power that makes you think points are important. The power that makes you think you know better than more experienced players. That is a very strong power!