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Recent content by klods hans

  1. klods hans

    Update 1.223 Feedback

    Link not working
  2. klods hans

    Mountain reserve. Golden crops

    In the tavern? :rolleyes: Maybe in the Antiques Dealer a year or so after they were released in the events.
  3. klods hans

    New Bug: Sleigh Builder not giving goods

    Are you sure you are looking for the goods in the right age? Sleigh Builder produces goods from the age of the building. That's not necessarily your current age, where you may be looking for them.
  4. klods hans

    New Bug: Images

    You can't delete your account by clearing cookies. Your account data is stored on an external server. Not locally in your cookies or cache.
  5. klods hans

    Great Building etiquette

    Players also tend to sync their collection time from their GB's and other buildings. If you level a GB it messes up their timing.
  6. klods hans

    Building a building from a higher age.

    That's because you finished the EMA story quest line and moved into HMA on the continent map. You're stuck with that quest until you age up to HMA.
  7. klods hans

    Time to leave Forge of Empires

    Sad to see yet another active, veteran player quit the game. :( Quite understandable though.
  8. klods hans

    New Bug: Castle rewards and collections

    Did you solve the daily challenge? You don't get the reward "when you choose which you want". You have to solve some tasks first. The list of tasks you need to solve pops up after you have chosen which reward chest you want.
  9. klods hans

    New Bug: Castle rewards and collections

    Yep. only supply boost
  10. klods hans

    Update 1.222 feedback

    "... Keep in mind that the time the mobile update becomes available depends on the stores and can be some days after the release of the browser version... "
  11. klods hans

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    New players in IA who are not able to get through the whole quest line? :?
  12. klods hans

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    It's not going away :( "As we are continuing to evaluate the feature, we have no current plans to remove it from player cities."
  13. klods hans

    Battlegrounds negotiations diamond rigged or just bad luck ??????

    If all members in a guild could spend guild goods on negotiations, it would definitely drain the guild treasury in a very short time.
  14. klods hans

    Help needed with Mars/Asteroid base planning

    No need for "happiness" (Life Support) in the colonies if you have plenty of coins and supplies. You really only need residentials in the colony. You can get goods from buildings in the main city, from rewards etc.
  15. klods hans

    New Idea: Scrolling between buildings

    If you had added a vote button, I would vote yes.