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Recent content by Jean Mainfort

  1. Great Buildings

    If you build a GB without help you pay the full amount.* If you use a Swap Thread you pay the full amount... but with potential bonuses (FP packages and blueprints). Never said otherwise. *Anyone can inspect your GB list, so this rarely happens Spontaneous contributors are common. If you are...
  2. Why are certain of my Military buildings and Goods buildings not available to me to develop?

    Did you already unlock them in the tech tree? Or as mentioned earlier, goods and military buildings require a lot of population relative to other buildings (and increases dramatically as you go up in tech level). Check your Available Population and the buildings requirements.
  3. Incident Collection

    Note that uncollected incidents move whenever you exit to the historical mini-games. Which might be a good thing in this case.
  4. founder-less guild

    In game mechanic terms you are correct. Technically speaking they are planning to join my tiny higher-ranked and resourced guild and take over the management, then disbanding their old one. Not sure what our name will be--may adopt their previous guild name. Thanks for the info on stepping...
  5. GB rewards

    Ties always go to the first player to get there. And a smart player always leaves the last point for the GB owner so you don'spoil a double-collect chance or the city's collection timing.
  6. Trading past High Middle Ages Seems Difficult

    The Lighthouse, St. Marks, and Galata GBs all produce free goods of your current tech level in the LMA. There are also many event buildings that produce goods. All can be a big help. As for trading, in addition to the usual trading with friends and guild members you can pursue other avenues...
  7. Great Buildings

    If you are content to make slow steady progress on your GBs you can budget a few FP per day and get it done yourself. If swap thread posters are reliable (a reasonable assumption in a well-run guild) then using a swap thread amounts to the same thing with a potential bonus... a good chance at...
  8. founder-less guild

    Can an active Founder step down? My guild is looking to merge with a more active guild and I'd like to yield my position to new leadership in the incoming player group. Do I have to go inactive for 30 days to make the change, or is there a mechanism for a peaceful transfer of power?
  9. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Regarding Event Prizes, is there anyone who wants the "Marching Band" units? You know, those Flag Wavers and Little Drummer Boys. Surely the devs could come up with something more useful to replace them.
  10. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    If we wanted to play Candy Crush.... Think I'll give this one a miss.
  11. Ages

    If you can find the space and convince someone to trade you the necessary goods you can build almost any GB at any time. I've seen players in the Middle Ages with an Arc or Alcatraz.
  12. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    A couple of questions: Why should you get a free preview of your opponent's attack/defense bonuses? Shouldn't you have to *make* the attack to find out? Are players who do not actively participate (i.e. set no PvP Arena defense) removed from the opponent pool? Or are they offered up as...
  13. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Thought we slew this dragon last year. Sigh. ZERO interest in this nonsense, less than zero in becoming cannon fodder for diamond players. I want an OPT OUT button.