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Recent content by Iznot

  1. Iznot

    First post was back in DEC 2013, time sure flies

    First post was back in DEC 2013, time sure flies
  2. Iznot

    Update Update 1.218 feedback

    When are we going to see the Jupiter upgrade? You guys do great job on this game! -Iznot
  3. Iznot

    creaking along

    creaking along
  4. Iznot

    Still alive, barely :)

    Still alive, barely :)
  5. Iznot

    Support Pool Bonus

    Same? I have some support % in my Progressive HQ and 0% in my only other sector. When I first took my second sector I did have some support, now its' gone? What's up with that?
  6. Iznot

    Vote for or against guild hopping cool-down.

    Guild Hopping Against
  7. Iznot


    Death: (sounds weird) So were not definitive on this yet…thanks for 99.99% answer…lol
  8. Iznot


    I tried to find out about rotting rates. I get different answers from various gamers. I started three 8 hour supply builds…how long will they last after being finished? Is there a rule or ratio for these things? Do any buildings help preserve supplies..like a Lighthouse? -Iznot (noob….lol)
  9. Iznot


    Thanks for all the responses. I deleted a few start up applications I wasn't using..like drop box, and changed my Virus software to Bitdefender and now I can Chat my head off, as if anybody would listen to me anyways. If yer in Chat and see Iznot say Hi :) Merry Christmas...and no I am not a...
  10. Iznot


    When are we going to get a certificate that allows the firewall to allow chat to work on my Imac. I have turned off my security and the chat still doesn't work because the firewall wont allow it. Plz...what am I doing wrong? Help. Need chat for my guild. -Iznot server Cirgard