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Recent content by Iran the Red

  1. Can the Daily Recurring Quests be looked at?

    The free change of quest, then the diamond cost of change is only for the daily quest. The rewards on those quests is usually nominal on average. Up until the introduction of the Castle System, it was easy to just ignore the ugly things. Now with the Castle System it is more desirable to...
  2. The Plague

    I have been playing for several years. Over those years I have donated to GB's of player's who have stopped playing, yet not done the rest of us the courtesy of deleting their city. How am I able to clear them from my GB's donations list? How long do the game managers allow this deadwood fill up...
  3. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    I have become use to the variables of the events. One cannot expect much more in variety from the quests, there is only so much they can do using the games mechanics. I am disturbed by the recent appearance of a huge amount of aquire sectors on the continent map quests. If a player is using the...
  4. Feedback on Mobile Hud changes

    I preferred the smaller footprint of the new tabs on the screen. Imagine my extreme disappointment to find they changed back to the space eating screen blocking system from the past. If the fat-fingered, myopic players need the the huge verison give them an option in the settings menu. Once...
  5. Closed August Pirate Contest

    Captain Puffypants
  6. Update Update to 1.209 Feedback

    The gold cup that allows you to see the guild rank vs other guilds is missing on the mobile service.

    Quick question. In error I have deleted my yaggdissil. How can I get a level 1 to start over?
  8. Spring Event 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    Well, that's it. The event is over for me. Quest 51 is exchage in AD or win battles. Neither of them are possible for a BA city. I will not get the lanterns needed to gain the grand prize.
  9. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    Just another craps shoot!!
  10. New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

    Just another money grab. The one factor that would have made it fun to participate, ignored. PvP means Player vs Player not player vs AI.
  11. Observatory??? Update neeeded!!!

    A little over a year ago, I became a player. Now I have come to a point where the Observatory is a nearly useless building. The GvG has not been talked about in months. I know of no one who participated. Here we have a GB that is 50% useless and therefore hard to sell to players as a good...
  12. PvP Arena Feedback

    Why make any of the GB's ineffective? We work hard to get them and we work hard to develop them now you tell us they are no good in our efforts? WTF!!
  13. PvP Arena Feedback

    Interesting. When I joined this game it concerned me that the PvP Tower in bronze age was not accessible until a player was in the iron age. Now they have moved it into the EMA. Very confusing. Why not allow the new players a chance to experience the game? in it's fullness?
  14. Soccer Contest

    119, nice optical delusion
  15. Extra Turn boost?

    Thank you for your responce. Put that way it make sense. Except for the last line. " we can just fight" my time in the Game has my attack bonuses below 50%, my fighting ability Is quite limited in GBg. Negotiations are my best course to success. Just another day as a mudd slugg.