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Recent content by Ikee Locc

  1. Ikee Locc

    Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021 - Feedback

    I know... I was being sarcastic. New awards suck.
  2. Ikee Locc

    Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021 - Feedback

    Coins and supplies for awards? What, no medals? ::rolleyes::
  3. Ikee Locc

    Not enough events!

    Not enough events!
  4. Ikee Locc

    Closed August Pirate Contest

    My pirate name is: Jolly Puffypants. :lol: World: Brisgard
  5. Ikee Locc

    beta spoiler castle-system

    Looking forward to this! Does it include lvl 5 GE?
  6. Ikee Locc

    Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    How many paws per ticket/game is considered decent (closer to getting 1 fully leveled mountain reserve)?
  7. Ikee Locc

    New Bug: Statue of Honor/RTV Bug

    For the last 2-3 collections, all of my chained building (Statue of Honor, Winter Train, Terracotta Vineyard and Hippodrome) productions keep restarting (I haven;t added or removed any parts).