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  1. Looking for a guild with rights

    Hello there im looking for active guild but i need rights too
  2. Can someone explain this trend to me?

    probably nothing but i didnt find right thread for it ....sorry if i mistake u know what .... sorry if i asked for help ....just waist of time for registering
  3. Can someone explain this trend to me?

    can anyone help me with GE from 55 to 64 in Arctic future what is best combination from fight to fight :) ty in advance :) P.S. if u need active player for daily aid and tavern feel free to add me on Brisgard #harera
  4. Neighborhood programming is pathetic

    can someone explain this merging when u r in one week 4th in your neighbourhood and next 49th ? tnx in advance
  5. Neighborhood programming is pathetic

    very very stupid ...ill probably stop to play this game .... i was 4th in my neighbour last night and today when i log in i saw that im on 49th place ?!?!? its ok to put me with some others better players but 45 better players :mad: