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Recent content by Green Sky

  1. Update to 1.191 Feedback

    Anyone else having issues with lists in the messenger (on Android) after the last update? Line breaks seem to work rather randomly now.
  2. The Wolf Pack is recruiting!

    The Wolf Pack We are currently recruiting Battlegrounds enthusiasts. ---------------------------------------- The benefits of joining us ---------------------------------------- * Break Even/1.9 thread for all * GE4 open every week * Special lotteries * “The Hungry Wolf Tavern” for socialising...
  3. [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Haven't checked all messages, so apologies if that has been said before: please revert back from full screen on mobile to part screen. Not only can't I see quickly now if a quest has been fulfilled with the centre open, the soft buttons on my phone also overlay the text field, making editing...
  4. Update Update to 1.183 Feedback

    Where exactly is the point in reverting the look of the tavern? And displacing the ship? It would be rather useful to get rid of the ugly exclamation mark when no settlement is active (by choice), that would be a visual improvement indeed.
  5. 5 diamond auto-collect on mobile

    I'd very much like to see the button on mobile. Imho it's creating very different gameplay between being able to collect >100fp or not. Alternatively the 100fp bar limit could be lifted, that would work for me personally as well. Porting the button to mobile looks like a win/win to me tbh...
  6. Blue Galaxy algorithm

    Hi, I've searched forum and internet for an answer to my question with no result, so if there should be a link I'd be grateful if you'd share :) Blue Galaxy is obvious to use when you collect manually, I'm wondering how the bonus is employed by the game when the "collect all" button is being...
  7. Event Spring Event 2020 Feedback

    I'm stuck on quest 52 as well, it's quite frustrating tbh. My new town is 7 days old, most of my hood hasn't researched military tactics yet, my Zeus is on lvl 2, and I simply can't win 6 battles, lucky to win one in gbg. Ah well, a lvl5 bridge is better than nothing, but I do wish to have been...
  8. Update Update 1.175

    Will the research fp spending change be made for the app as well at a later date?
  9. mats situation and economy

    That only works until the treasuries are empty - no goods to spend = no diamonds spent for fast build. It's actually in Inno's interest to keep the goods flowing.
  10. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Of course they do, and I do occasionally buy diamonds to do just that. I'd be happy with a subscription as well, for instance. I simply do object to the fact that GBG is blatantly unbalanced in this regard. But since it appears that most of you are fine with pay to win, so be it. Hope your...
  11. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    I'm not in favour of pay to win, neither in a game nor in RL. Citing the state of affairs as an argument to not do anything is stagnation, not progress.
  12. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Thanks for confirming my point.
  13. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    I'm not paying. I'm just concerned about the fairness of the contest.
  14. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Apologies if that has been discussed as I haven't read the 58 pages: is anyone else concerned about pay to build in GBG? The buildings can give a massive advantage, that put guilds who are (for various reasons) not paying in quite a disadvantage. If only one building is paid for in a sector...
  15. Update Update to 1.166

    I've opened a ticket, paying closer attention today it appears to happen when the last available chair is being occupied by me.