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Recent content by Giskler

  1. Giskler

    Non existent Shard in Settlement

    Doesn’t fix the GB being a giant turd.
  2. Giskler

    Space Age Venus - Feedback

    Garbage GB.
  3. Giskler

    Fall Event 2020 Feedback Thread

    Daily challenge, not event quest...
  4. Giskler

    [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Bad UX design to add extra steps to perform an action.
  5. Giskler

    [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    It has some good things like tabs and filters, but lacking very basic options like migrating threads, locking replies locks EVERYONE including founders, anyone can hide threads even if they are marked as important, you can’t pin threads to the top and you can’t assign custom icons. Then there’s...
  6. Giskler

    [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Why do you keep releasing features lacking the most basic options that anyone can see within 30 seconds of trying to use it... incredibly poor design
  7. Giskler

    [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Where is the option to move threads?
  8. Giskler

    PvP Arena Feedback

    Terrible rewards and pointless.
  9. Giskler

    GBG ignore flag -- please improve it

    I don't have the time or energy to format a post about something that will be ignored.
  10. Giskler

    GBG ignore flag -- please improve it

    Just like you can get a message while in the middle of manual battle saying the province has changed owners it could pop up a message saying "This province has just been marked as ignore, do you wish to continue the battle?". It would require coding some common sense quality of life things...
  11. Giskler

    GBG ignore flag -- please improve it

    It could perhaps be made clearer by adding a dialogue box that would say "This province has been marked as ignore, are you sure you wish to proceed?" if anyone without GBG leader privileges tries to attack/negotiate. Given how long it took just to get simple markers implemented I'm not going to...
  12. Giskler

    [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Dying of old age here fam
  13. Giskler

    World War S

    I was thinking more about you guys still being in 6th :)
  14. Giskler

    World War S

    Not really :)
  15. Giskler

    Update to 1.185 Feedback

    You set it to CE and you will get only CE troops and all age troops (drummers, color guards and rogues).