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Recent content by FighterAlphaMale

  1. Closed September Fall Contest

    6 chocolate 14 cinnamon 19 apples 9 caramel 17 pumpkins I enjoy the events like this with leagues so you can see how you are doing against your fellow pirates....... erh.. I mean bakers :)
  2. Closed August Pirate Contest

    Matey Hookhand or... if you prefer :) Hookhand Matey :) I'm a pirate so I have been called lots of names lol :) This event is exciting and frustrating every time I spin the wheel :) Thank you for thinking it up
  3. Closed July Wildlife Contest

    My personal favourite from my travels is the Halifax Citadel Historic Site. It was originally a fort that is now maintained through Parks Canada. It is covered by your National Parks pass if you have one. They do regular reenactments, and guided tours. They also do marches through town if...
  4. WW vs. FoY

    So ... to get back to what I think was the original question for this thread: once placed in my city; Is there any difference at all in the yield of the wishing well and the fountain of youth ? Thanks so much
  5. New Bug: Cannot save my reconstruction

    I have this problem as well - I have tried multiple times - even taking more things from the city putting them back in to the inventory and back in the city - build will still not save even after like 10 attempts
  6. How strong is your attack boost

    LMA here 258 attack bonus 309 Defence bonus on my attacking armies - I do not know a lot of LMA players to know how that stacks up
  7. How many Chocolate Coins?!

    I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed my magic chocolate coin until it eventually melted into a puddle.... It whispered into my elf like ear the number 91 just before it became a chocolate river to go to Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory... So 91 I say :) FAM ( FighterAlphaMale )