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Recent content by Exocet

  1. Exocet

    Do Not Suggest: Trading of special events buildings including upgrades within the guild for coins/goods or supplies

    I like the idea of this but it would have to be implemented in the right way to stop abuse. Perhaps it could work with an antiques dealer style shop of sorts in which a random selection of items are available that have been submitted from guild members each week. Their could even be a specific...
  2. Exocet

    Unformatted: Troop management

    I think you miss my point in that it only has to show up on the management screens...there is no opposing army to show so It wouldn't get in the way of anything else.
  3. Exocet

    Unformatted: Troop management

    In both normal troop management and PvP screens show your attacking army on one side and on the other side the defensive units. In gold and blue respectively depending on which tab you open.
  4. Exocet

    Unformatted: Troop management

    No I mean Id like to see them out of the troop selection when selected
  5. Exocet

    Unformatted: Troop management

    I think it would be helpful to see our defending armies that we allocate in their own box just like the attacking armies. Currently in the PvP and general army management screens the area used for displaying the AI troops is unused and I think it would be beneficial to use this space for the...
  6. Exocet

    Industrial Methods

    Industrial Methods is looking for new and/or experienced players to join us. If you are active, reply to messages and enjoy GbG and GE then why not join us? Currently a level 23 guild in Gold league with 2 fps a day in the town hall. We have active swap threads and help each other in all areas...