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  1. Emissaries not showing up in the town hall?

    AHA! I was tricked by my memory of how beta went, sorry for the noise. :)
  2. Emissaries not showing up in the town hall?

    I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, so I guess I'm just missing something. Today at about 12:00 I completed the Cultural Settlement for the first time, I got my Yggdrasil, I got 9 fragments of Greater Runestone, I got my badge "Friends of the Vikings", but the emissaries section in the...
  3. Fixed: Black Tower

    It's a while I noticed this problem too, but never managed to post anything. Chrome+flash. I don't know if it helps, though it appears that bats stay there until the page is refreshed. Here a picture after about 20 minutes:
  4. Fixed: [38905] Dynamic "Aid/goods" counter

    World: East-Nagach. Browser and Version: Chrome. Overview of the bug: When Dynamic Tower production is collected, in the right-side bar of the screen a new tile appears with the counter of the "Aid Goods" to receive. Each time you aid someone the counter goes down by 1, when the number of "Aid...
  5. Not a Bug: Bazaar and guild power

    The production was already completed, and clicking on the building I was getting the message and nothing else. Indeed, very infrequent... But I'm used to do unusual things and find unforeseen behaviours. lol
  6. Not a Bug: Bazaar and guild power

    Hello, I just experienced what I would consider a bug, but it's likely you consider it a feature, so I'll report just for the sake of it. World: East-Nagach. Browser and Version: Google Chrome 55. Overview of the bug: I was in a guild, I started the production of "Power", then I left the...
  7. Sector Negotiations

    MODERN ERA Inashu: 75,000 coins, 75,000 supplies 4 sectors requiring: - 60 Coke, 45 Fertilizer, 25 Wire - 60 Whale Oil, 45 Coke, 25 Paper - 60 Textiles, 45 Fertilizer, 25 Tar - 60 Rubber, 45 Whale Oil, 25 Coffee Natsuishu: Modern Era battle tower 11 sectors requiring: - 60 Whale Oil, 50...
  8. Sector Negotiations

    I know the topic is terribly old, but... well, I found it useful and not having found any other topic mentioning more advanced provinces, I thought it would be nice to continue if possible. So here it is the first province of the Progressive Era. PROGESSIVE ERA Havre: Progressive Era Battle...