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Recent content by Harry Pepper

  1. Proposition of cheating

    Its a browser extension. Browser extensions add stuff to webpage. "InnoGames have developed a new script the last weeks to check if any texts are inserted to their page. That’s necessary for the Helper to show the windows." This script reads responses from requests that user makes. Its basically...
  2. Proposition of cheating

    what exactly is illegal here? it checks responses from requests that get made in a normal way. doesn't add anything to browser. opening developers tools on chrome should be as illegal then as you can see request responses there also.
  3. Proposition of cheating

    who said i'm using it? i'm just developing it and was looking for testers. it doesn't do anything automatic in game, player still clicks on GBs and receives same data as everyone else.
  4. new MMR table for EN11

    theres actually an instruction how to make your own MMR table. its quick to make but the problem is that in order to make it I need account in that world thats reached iron age so GvG maps can be accessed and it takes time to do it.
  5. new MMR table for EN11

    Turns out that there are a lot of guild leaders that don't read global and was not aware that MMR table existed, so I will post link to it here in hopes that this will help it reach more players. Here it is -> [Link removed by moderator]
  6. MMR values for guilds

    This is the first season I have made MMR table also for EN1 world, its published [redacted by moderator]
  7. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    it shouldnt but it is, if things change that its no longer rewarded then I will have to change how I play the game. don't complain but rather adopt to get most of the situation.
  8. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    i think that creating 4x5 is the way to go. at least with the way things are now.
  9. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    do you think that game is balanced if 20 players can create guild and in a few weeks become top 1 guild and control half of AA map? balance is needed but not in direction you want it. game should favor avg size guilds so there would be more than 20 guilds on AA map for example.
  10. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    thats simply the price for having many sectors. if its too expensive simply have less sectors. why should game favor large guilds?
  11. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    On the other side.. maybe there will be more avg size guilds and one guild will not take half of map to themselves. In L worlds AA map there are only 20 guilds on map. But yes this looks like beginning of end for GvG. Maybe I just like chaos so happy for this change.