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Recent content by digi the tired

  1. digi the tired

    New Bug: GE Relics

    The main reason I did it like this was to avoid the annoyance of having the game focus onto the chest every time I collect a relic which makes me have to scroll back to the side for the remaining relics. I will have to start doing it like that for now until this hopefully gets fixed Edit...
  2. digi the tired

    New Bug: GE Relics

    Hopefully this one works as well
  3. digi the tired

    New Bug: GE Relics

    Before this week when you had completed all the encounters on a GE level, you could pick up the relics in peace, and only after all of them had been collected you get the come back next week/go to the next level menu popup. This week however, it seemed to pop up after every single relic...
  4. digi the tired

    Confirmed: Galata Tower

    Not much of a bug just a minor thing that got forgotten when making/moving Galata Tower, it is not visible in the "Upcoming" and "New in this Age" part of the tech tree for EMA
  5. digi the tired

    How many Gummy Bears?!

    424 bears. Just thinking about eating that many makes my stomach turn
  6. digi the tired

    Soccer Contest

  7. digi the tired

    Event Archaeology Event Feedback

    I like events, I really do. But there are just too many for me to actually get invested in them. I know the norm for online games is to continuously pump out new events and shiny things to appeal to the short attention span of consumers today so they don't go clicking off to some other...
  8. digi the tired

    Rewards based upon percentage

    That would be "fair" but then you have to factor in the silver, gold and jade relic distribution. Not to mention the random rewards from the relics themselves. Then we would also have to consider other random factors of the game if they are "fair". In the end after all the adjusting it would...
  9. digi the tired

    The Cultural Settlements are pay to win.

    I went in completely blind and I'm finishing the first Egyptian settlement tomorrow with 6 days remaining, using all different units with no diamonds spent. For context I'm someone who only maybe once or twice didn't get the best reward in the viking settlements. It felt slower than the other...
  10. digi the tired

    Rewards based upon percentage

    My ToR has over 20% chance to give me a relic after every encounter. Last week I got very lucky with like 6 relics per level but this week my luck is rotten and I've gotten like 1 or 2 per level and that is just how chance works. The ToR specifically states it has % chance to give a relic and as...
  11. digi the tired

    Fixed: GB visual bug

    This was more or less fixed only that another minor bug took its place. If you go back to look at previous levels of a GB the total needed for next level will bug out if you go to current level, it will show the previous levels total needed. Quite annoying at times as you might end up doing...
  12. digi the tired

    Fixed: GB visual bug

    When looking at previous levels of a GB the text is on top of the FP buttons. You can still press the buttons if you're precise(I apparently spent 300 fps when I couldn't see the numbers in the box). It bugs out a bit more visually but nothing game breaking as far as I can see.
  13. digi the tired

    Secret garden

    I copy pasted this here from my post in the discussion section as it wasn't really getting any attention/feedback there. And after thinking about it myself this might be better just as a seasonal secondary summer event lasting June-August rather than a permanent feature. Just a random Idea I...
  14. digi the tired

    Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback

    I really like autoclickers which this event pretty much is. So much so that I can't play them as I would just sit with them all day. But this has to be the first autoclicker that punishes me for being efficient in upgrading all buildings along with my increasing income. Namely the "upgrade x...