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Recent content by DESYPETE

  1. Suggestions for FoE

    they make it so complicated to make a suggestion on this forum, they are better off posting there ideas on facebook page less hassle and gets people talking a lot more than on the forum, maybe the forum could learn from this ? or stick to its tried and tested methods and see hardly any posts (...

    there are some big heads who play this game who once they reach a certain level they get a huge ego and feel far better than anyone else and even pick on new players who are weaker than them, its the bad side to this game sadly. but you feel free to moan all you like as we all know the problems...
  3. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    yipppeeeeeeee, we can see who spent the most diamonds or medals every monday
  4. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    but would it matter ? even more so on a sunday ? or come to that would it matter if your was a left handed mouse user ?
  5. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    i totally agree with your nonsense
  6. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    tell me again why there is a guild leader board in gbg ? why do they have 1st place ? as 2 guilds can not win 1st place ? so i must be silly again to ever think the idea was guilds fight each other,
  7. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    those that play that way call that some kind of skill ??? i can hear them now saying how skillful that all is working with another guild ?
  8. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    i have been moaning my head off about getting rid of the camps for ages, but no one listens so its just put down as jet another moan or rant
  9. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    you must clearly be a gbg farmer sorry if my moaning makes you feel like a rubbish kind of player, if you need another guild to make you feel like your a winner then your living in dream world
  10. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    that is the most sensible post i have ever read on here.
  11. General conversation

    well its mega busy on facebook, there is so much going on, people can argue there and enjoy a lot more freedom than the forum allows.
  12. Great Buildings

    the ark came first, then some bright spark did the maths and worked out players can rocket through levels using a 1.9 formula, something i am sure the game devs never thought about as they dont seem to pay much attention to details like that in the game lol i know players like it as it makes the...
  13. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    sillly me thought the game was guild battling guild ? it should be called match up guilds v match up guilds as those who play the farming and swapping can not win in the own right, so if they have pride in winning by forming pacts with other guilds then that is upto them but to then try to read...
  14. Great Buildings

    they should really ban 1,9 threads and get rid of the ark, lets see how good players are without there little helpers, ? this game was a great game when it was first out, right upunt the thing i find about the 1,9 theads is the hordes of players who end up posting up many gbs at the same time...
  15. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    can someone wake me up when this event is over please