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Recent content by DarkUros222

  1. DarkUros222

    Winning suplies

    Those aren't one time bonuses, those are permanent bonuses that give a huge boost to all productions from specific goods buildings.
  2. DarkUros222

    Plunder Profit

    As this thread is a duplicate, we will lock it. Thank you @klods hans for giving link to the original thread :D
  3. DarkUros222

    General conversation

    Maybe deleting his cities was too fast decision. Now if he decides to get back into the game one day, he will have to start from the scratch.
  4. DarkUros222


    You can have it in lower eras too, no restrictions. I received it while being in Progressive era.
  5. DarkUros222


    If you talk about Great Buildings, you can build any of them wherever you want. Their age doesn't restrict you from building them in lower ages than the one they are in. You can even get some buildings from later ages while in lower ones, but those are mostly only decorations.
  6. DarkUros222

    Appeal about deleting posts

    You can always contact us via PM, we will try to answer in the shortest time possible :)
  7. DarkUros222

    GBG match ups are not random and they are ruining the game

    That's why active players will alnost always tend to go to the top guilds now, just to get the piece of cake. I am one of those players who...well like farming and I don't feel bad if I have to swap, as long as I can profit out of it :D But yes, you are going matched with basically two opposite...
  8. DarkUros222

    Y Tree base level

    As @JustGuardian said, try contacting Support asap and they might bring you the base Yggdrasil back.
  9. DarkUros222

    GBG match ups are not random and they are ruining the game

    You forgot to give us more info on which League are you talking about. Regarding Diamond league, it's just a normal thing, guilds push themselves too far thinking they can possibly swap with the tip guilds in Diamond league and stay there for quite some time. And yes, small guilds cannot do much...
  10. DarkUros222

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    Chateau was always a primary source of goods for many players. Singlehandendly the most efficient way to produce goods. I can always remember the words "Build a CF and just renove all goods buildings".
  11. DarkUros222

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    The Arc has practically reached a "no turning back" point, so chances of a nerf are so low we can possibly say they are 0.
  12. DarkUros222

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    Don't forget that numbers are based on % chance to get Coins/Supplies as the reward. In IA, CF has the lowest "sweet level" and you could notice that many players who wanted their city to rely on RQs are IA campers.
  13. DarkUros222

    Reform the Virgo Project

    GbG is pretty much alreadyso powerful with Siege Camps in existence. 4 Siege Camps for 1 sectors and you got a lot of free battles :D
  14. DarkUros222

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    If we think about the same quest, you don't actually complete the quest, so you don't get anything from it, as you just do the fight and then abort the quest.
  15. DarkUros222

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    Coins and Supplies have probably been mentioned because you cannot do UBQs without them. So, if you have infinite income of Coins and Supplies, it leads to having an infinite income of Goods.