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Recent content by Daiman Rahl

  1. Daiman Rahl

    Event Halloween Event 2021 Feedback

    Was not impressed with this event. I failed to complete the calender or the doll set; Damm monkey would not show up!! This was even spenting diamonds a couple of times trying to get House of horror upgrades. Have to say the chances of getting the daily special were too slim as well. Might have...
  2. Daiman Rahl

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    Have to agree, who would use the heal all. Probable the players they intended it for the spenders. I agree nobody needs a heal all button, any more then we would need a aid all, or go to all taverns. Yes there are some problems on the mobile with the aid I've heard and seen for my self...
  3. Daiman Rahl

    Why I am leaving the game

    Captain Jack - Will be moving on to Late middle ages after event is over, getting bored in this era now. So I see what you mean about moving on. This game is very repetitive so I see many players losing interest, if you don't progress.
  4. Daiman Rahl

    Castle System - Feedback

    Further to your idea a list of the actions for points and how many remaining would be nice. as I've no idea what I've completed other then the GE when the level is done.
  5. Daiman Rahl

    To all my fellow Canucks. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the feast.

    To all my fellow Canucks. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the feast.
  6. Daiman Rahl

    Forum Announcement & Features - Feedback

    More stats, more pointed information up front; not after event is underway. More time before actually putting into game for formal comments about the announcement. More feedback from the developers on what they have read here and what is worthwhile to review!!
  7. Daiman Rahl

    New World Feedback Thread

    Will have to start running more TV adds again to gain more bodies. LOL
  8. Daiman Rahl

    What does this symbol mean?

    Just another old dog trying to learn the game, I like it. Good too know, I kind of guessed that was what it was. LOL
  9. Daiman Rahl

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    Why would I want a tiny screen and icons I could barely see. No thanks I'll stick to my PC and move slowly so I don't hit that damm button. Simple as that too.
  10. Daiman Rahl

    helping newbies & smaller players find decent guilds

    New players don't need big Guilds, in fact it is a disadvantage. Most of those advanced guilds have most players in the later ages and it makes trades hard to come by for new players. What is needed are training guilds that have the resourses and the players in low enough era's to help the newer...
  11. Daiman Rahl

    Castle System - Feedback

    Now how about a date for the lauch too!! Never mind just found it. The Castle System will be activated on October 13th, 2021
  12. Daiman Rahl

    Castle System - Feedback

    This is from our training manual and it explains it a little better. Don't know how long it will be on here before it gets deleted though. So Hopefully all who need the info can see it. " Guild Expedition large nodes: The large nodes on each level in GE also reward you with an additional 15 CPs...
  13. Daiman Rahl

    To keep an army or not?

    Yea like you I have days when I just want to slaughter something. LOL. Have to agree with you this is not just a fighting game. Otherwise why have all the other buildings. Hope you enjoy the game in what ever fashion you decide!!!
  14. Daiman Rahl

    Arc finally in city, yaa

    Arc finally in city, yaa
  15. Daiman Rahl

    To keep an army or not?

    I started out in this game building only a regular city. But in time I learnt that the fighting is part of the game so I got into it. AS it's not complicated, and can just be done on auto. I ask you too at least try it. You might like me enjoy it. Read up on it first so you know what buildings...