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Recent content by Crazy Biker

  1. Crazy Biker

    Guild Expedtions - Attempts/Paying to Negotiate

    If you do not have enough goods for the negotiation it will ask for diamonds
  2. Crazy Biker

    Update to 1.221 Feedback

    Myself plus many others in my guild have not been able to logon using the browser version since this update
  3. Crazy Biker

    gvg sector clicking

    I get this too, double click or try clicking elsewhere in the sector or both fixes it for me.
  4. Crazy Biker

    Wishing Wells as a Daily Special got fully removed ?

    ww are rubbish for getting diamonds. The best way is to do all 4 levels of GE, easily done in IA
  5. Crazy Biker

    Daily free gift

    I have the same update but don't have the freebe
  6. Crazy Biker

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    i don’t have it on browser or app version but there are people in my guild that do have it.
  7. Crazy Biker

    Closed September Fall Contest

    6 chocolate 14 cinnamon 19 apples 9 caramel 17 pumpkins
  8. Crazy Biker

    Contribution Rewards

    You get the rewards when the arc you contributed to levels
  9. Crazy Biker

    Update Update to 1.212 Feedback

    no fix yet for scrolling up in messages on app?
  10. Crazy Biker

    Update Update to 1.211 Feedback

    currently I have to scroll up to find the first new message. Sometimes when I'm scrolling up on ipad the messages start scrolling very fast automatically and I have to close the message thread
  11. Crazy Biker

    Update Update to 1.211 Feedback

    Would be nice if when you open a message thread you automatically go to the first new message.
  12. Crazy Biker

    New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    When I collect from the tavern the counter is not being reset. When I go back to my city it is still saying people are sitting in my tavern. I have to reload to reset the counter. I'm playing on chrome.
  13. Crazy Biker

    Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    it accepted a quest in the cultural settlement :)