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Recent content by Cleverly8286

  1. Floating Cadaver

    stiff competition this week We're still unbeaten since day 1.
  2. Floating Cadaver

    Our keenest ever competition. We won by a sliver on Tuesday night server time.
  3. Floating Cadaver

    The guild has grown quite a bit the last 2 weeks and is still in GBG Diamond League.
  4. General conversation

    Looks like an airport to me. Next to the water with long runways and a control tower. ;)
  5. General conversation

    Maybe they enjoy restarting every few months
  6. Joining a Guild

    Best post I have ever seen! Well done!
  7. Uses of diamonds

    ROFL. I respect your opinion but I have never "gambled" in GE in any world. I merely complete level 4 weekly and collect the diamonds.
  8. Why not a Premium world only for premium players?

    You can outperform, without diamonds, most players with a little understanding of statistics and probability, and good strategy. Paying for diamonds makes things easier without necessarily better performance.
  9. Uses of diamonds

    Use them in GE4 to get more diamonds If you want to conserve goods and don't want to reattempt negotiations. Turn on the extra negotiation turn in the tavern. You are unlikely to need more than 20 diamonds in GE level 4, but on average, you'll get 200 diamonds a week finishing GE level 4. Then...
  10. All the worlds the same ?

    The game design is the same but the game play can be very different. I play in 4 worlds, 2 of them are A and S, which are the oldest and newest worlds, and I get very different experiences playing in them. If you ever stay around for T world to launch, try starting a city on it on the first day...