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Recent content by BarraG

  1. How to skip Intro Tutorial

    Not as bad as I though LOL it took a lot longer in the pass may be you guys have shorten the process LOL
  2. How to skip Intro Tutorial

    Hi Great, New worlds but what pain very painful, no skip option to just to get going the Intro Tutorial for experience players .. just question not sure if it has been ask....
  3. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Good point I agree :D
  4. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    I have tried to this PVP Arena ... It looks like you can just have 1 units setup for defending army ... so not sure what is the point of setting a defending army and what real interaction is for this PVP Arena and the effort for the rewards as other players I spoken to see is as waste of time...
  5. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Sorry never will be interested PVP Arena .. It adds another thing to be done and there is no interactions with anyone .. to me another boring task to be done as I do not see any real challenge just win some prizes only if you have spent enough time doing to be at the top of the list :(
  6. PvP Arena Returns

    no problem thanks .. but can we make PvP more interactive
  7. PvP Arena Returns

    Sorry where can I vote not to have PVP maybe to late usual ... As I have relook at and it boring me as I don’t see the fun it, I tried but sorry it is no fun to play it. I do not see the added value in it or already have GE, GBG and GvG. I been playing this game for a long time ... You call me...
  8. PvP Arena Feedback

    All I know they have put it on hold the new PvP ... I was never gong to play the PvP as there enough to do already ... and the old was good as it was passive as it just added all your battles up .. simple ...
  9. Spoiler msg center overhaul

    All I need to know when ... don't care about the new PvP (a sad day when PvP to does come) just need the message center .. how much longer? ;)
  10. Will not fix Puffin/Photon browser problems

    So sad, the inability of the company so obvious....
  11. Closed The King's Jigsaw Woes

    Box 1- 19 Box 2- 16 Box 3- 3 Box 4- 21 Box 5- 13 Box 6- 5 Box 7- 14 Box 8- 18 Box 9- 4 Box 10- 12 Box 11- 7 Box 12- 15 Box 13- 17 Box 14- 8 Box 15- 1 Box 16- 9 Box 17- 11 Box 18- 2 Box 19- 20 Box 20- 6 Box 21- 10
  12. Market - Create Offer - Select goods issue

    I believe recent updates of the "Market" have some improvements which are good, but others have worsen the usability. The "Your Offers:" and/or "Your Needs:" good list now do not stay on goods that are focus on, the list either jumps to the bottom of the list or changes to the age you are in...