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Recent content by Bagoas

  1. Winter 2020 Feeback

    Feeback on only getting 1 full upgraded, and 1 partly without diamonds, was a very frequent comment in the Beta feedback forum, and from guild mates who play Beta.
  2. Winter 2020 Feeback

    This event is the most blatantly geared to force players to spend diamonds to get a worthwhile prize, of any event. Beta feedback shows it is impossible to get 3 fully upgraded Bakeries from the normal quests and activities - you can get at most 1 fully upgraded and a second partly upgraded...
  3. Word Association Game - March

  4. New Content Research Tech Tree Feedback

    I understand this is a mainly visual refresh, but the biggest improvement needed is the ability to add FPs in the same was as for Great Buildings i.e. a custom add amount. the current process of adding 10 FPs to the bar then paying them then returning to the bar to add 10 more is extremely...
  5. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    There are many attractive features of Battlegrounds, particularly its accessibility to all guild members regardless of Age and device. However .. it is quickly becoming clear that victory will go to those with the deep enough RL pockets to keep paying out diamonds for negotiation. This may...
  6. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Remember this is an international server not a UK/Europe server. I personally quite like the midnight attrition reset because that is between 9am and 11am for me depending on time of year. But I understand the issue. I had previously suggested guilds nominate their attrition reset, or like...
  7. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    From my reading of the material it is personal goods for negotiation and Treasury goods for Province buildings
  8. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Does attrition apply independently to battles & negotiation or is it common i.e. if I fight to max ability, then switch to negotiation will negotiation attrition be 0 to start with or will it be more because of my fighting?
  9. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    Will the "Extra Turn" boost in the Tavern apply to Battlegrounds in the same way as it applies to GE? As a general comment, there are now multiple places where negotiation can be used, so Tavern "Extra Turn" boost should apply to all negotiations in the game, not just GE
  10. Update Update to 1.162

    I have also had the weird messages covering screen, mainly when changing Ages in GvG maps. Fixed by changing to HTML. Also having the problem of being unable to set siege on a sector that is released before calc. Siege button greyed out originally 15-30 seconds after calc, now delayed to 60...
  11. Update Update to 1.162

    Disappointing to see no fixes for urgent GvG issues caused by new calc times - Sector protection indicator - Cannot siege for 20-30 seconds after calc finished - Guild prestige calculation bug
  12. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    Can you repost your "answer in the other thread" so we can all see your response. This has affected our fighters too.
  13. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    We can and do plan. We take a screen shot of critical maps after each calc, and note the expiry times on the screen shot. Yes, it's a pain, and should be fixed, but not unplayable.
  14. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    Not sure if it is a feature or a bug - we have noticed that often we cannot set siege for 15-30 seconds after calc is finished. Other actions like move HQ, release OK, but siege button greyed out for 15-30 seconds more. Not just an individual issue, affecting most fighters I've talked to.
  15. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    Agree prestige is no big deal so long as same for everyone, and we understand it. Agree sector protection identification the biggest issue. Other new weird things, like often cannot set siege for 15-30 seconds after calc finished.