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  1. New Guild Looking for New Members

    hi all, Awful Authors are looking for new members (the guild name may change!), message beetrootred, Authorfor or shumisha for invites. We were only set up on 17 May 2016 and 4 days later we are level 5. We can't offer huge rewards, yet, but by joining us you can help to build a guild that...
  2. Maximising PvP Points?

    thanks for the comments all
  3. Maximising PvP Points?

    until the recently I've done well in the PvP towers, basically by having a strong army, good defence, good GB boost and making sure my villagers are happy. I've seen others fight the same 'hood as me and average around the same number of points per fight (I know the figure varies depending on...
  4. Message Center Diaster

    just checking back to see what others have said and can't find my earlier post from Monday or Tuesday - so just to register an opinion - the new system sucks. Why do we need to know when someone leavers a thread? Why can we not cust and past the names any more (I have the names of players in a...
  5. Update Update 1.61

    Just got back from a week away to find dozens of pages of sent messages that have been taken from my sent box (which no longer exists) and put into the message box. To delete (leave message) it now takes 5 mouse clicks rather than 1. Can we have the old single click delete and no notification of...
  6. Replacing Defending Armies in GvG

    Our guild is new to GvG so sorry if this is a stupid question. When we have laid a siege can the defenders replace their armies while our siege is in place? Several times we have been counter attacked and when our siege army gets low we delete it and replace it with a new siege. This takes...
  7. Benevolent Warriors are Recruiting

    We are a medium size guild of 40 players who are looking to increase to no more than about 45 so that we can maintain the “family” feel to the guild. We polish/motivate daily, race each other to take trades and raise GBs like lightning. All we ask is that you visit each guild members at least...
  8. I Need Friends

    I'm a daily player looking to add to my friends list. If you polivate (more or less) daily and want the same back send an invite to Authorfor or message me and I'll send an invite to you. Cheers Authorfor
  9. Guild Looking for more Members

    New Alliance is looking for new members. We are a well-established Guild with members spanning all ages. This gives us a broad base of goods to call on for trading and members who have “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” who are more than happy to offer advice to newer players or more...
  10. Forge points.

    @Zexinho, or anyone else who knows, how do you use the fp packs directly? Not heard of this so any info would be welcome. Thanks Author
  11. PvP active/neutral flag for players

    As it stands I wouldn't vote for this. However, rather than being unable to stop plundering if you take part in PvP was amended to unable to stop plundering if you plunder then I would go for this. There is a big difference in taking part in PvP for points and then also plundering. I do a bit of...
  12. Solution to Forum Plundering Argument

    +1 from me. good idea
  13. Quests Improvement to Upgrade Quests

    +1 from me, give the players a choice
  14. Seasonal Backgrounds/weather

    Thanks Tankovy, I've added support to the other threads
  15. Forwarded: (New Game Feature): New City backgrounds

    +1 from me, I like the idea for a bit of a change