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Recent content by Amy Steele

  1. General conversation

    Thanks OT, I fell asleep listening to this on Wednesday night :)
  2. General conversation

    Correction, I am in a guild, but it's a cosy little guild of one, just so I can take part in GE :D
  3. General conversation

    Thanks! So is yours - you have so much space :D
  4. General conversation

    Hey @Cursedveggie my mini (zero expansion) city is on A too! Mine is also a no guild, no friends*, no interaction with neighbours unless required by a quest (eg polivate) one, hence having an unboosted Talc Cutter in a PE city (needed for tech, and I don't trade at all). It's by far my most...
  5. General conversation

    Can't recall the last time I had the music on... kinda forgot somewhere along the way that it was there... wonder what I've missed? Loving seeing the snow in my AF city on H though, looks awesome!
  6. General conversation

    I'm all good now thank you Ati :)
  7. General conversation

    Hey Cursedveggie! Real life has been keeping me busy I'm afraid. I've missed you (all) too!
  8. Mods vs. Non-Mods

    32 again
  9. [GAME] Three Words Story

    deep dark blue
  10. Mods vs. Non-Mods

  11. Mods vs. Non-Mods

    Please do! 32
  12. Closed Week #106 2019/05/13

    It's good to be back - I'm home now :)
  13. Closed Week #101 2019-04-08

    No wifi so on 4G on my phone, but have been wearing own clothes since week 2 :)
  14. Closed Week #101 2019-04-08

    Unfortunately I've not had the time nor the energy Just popped in to say a very early (5am here!) good morning to you all from your very much better, still in hospital, and very bored forum admin :D