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    Forwarded: [Guild Expedition] automatic unlock for guild expeditions

    Proposal: Make 2 extra on/off buttons for guild expeditions to unlock level II and III. Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea: yes Reason: guild members are often questioning about unlocking additional levels, while the guild has plenty of goods. A lot of time a member did...
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    Great Buildings Add a GB that boosts the range of ranged units and movement speed of any type of unit

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > -1
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    When are you Going to stop PVP cheats??

    Wrong, the game designers are the problem. You cannot blame the players and founders for grabbing such a huge amount of points. Inno created the conditions that taking/retaking is a winning strategy.
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    More balance issues with the game.

    Shrine of knowledge exists for 2,5 years. watchfire even longer. Your post is a little bit late, isn´t it?
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    Forum Ideas should be limited to "Active & Experienced Game Players".

    Only experienced players may vote :lol: -1
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    Trade Forge Points for Goods and Vice Versa

    An iron age player donating to a high leveled player should be prohibited, but nobody reacts. this idea goes a step further and prohibits forgepoints/goods trades. As long as players where able to donate to themselves and nobody does something about it, then we cannot talk about prohitibing...
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    Implemented: Using Forge point packs on Android

    And moreover: the forgepoints packages are last in your inventory. You have to scroll all down. +1
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    World Smile Day!

    Smile! :blush: You are in Candid Camera.
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    Guild Expedition Rewards

    And a removal of the possibility to heal your units between the waves. :lol:
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    Guild Expedition Rewards

    Great idea. For that big reward you must do something special. Lets introduce the 3-wave for that last sector with level up kit as bonus.
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    Implemented: Perfect Numbering

    From great idea to implemented takes 3,5 years.