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  1. Sp32
    I'm the best around, nothing's ever gonna keep me down, 'cause I'm the best, around.
  2. King Jared The III
    King Jared The III
    I am on Cirgard(Colonial) and Rugnir (IA). Friend me. C Guild: Equinox R Guild: Navy
  3. Sp32
    Disclaimer: Profile picture for the lolz and potential rofls.
  4. romalo5
    romalo5 Dudettas
    Is anybody checking the 'Bugs' Forum????!!!!
  5. Von Hasse IV
    Von Hasse IV
    Founder and Leader of X Marine Strike Force (XMSF)
  6. ntnete0
    Adjective: Abrasive - (of a person or manner) showing little concern for the feelings of others;harsh!
    1. Emberguard
      *sits down beside ntnete0* need some company?
      Nov 26, 2018
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  7. Roland Deschain 64
    Roland Deschain 64 Amy Steele
    If I suspect a player is cheating how do I report this, they may not be cheating but I have seen a player using Oceanic Future Armies against me when their Town Hall is only Arctic Future?
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    2. thanatos100
      Spin on the spot and say beetlejuice three times. A moderator will then be with you shortly.
      Nov 23, 2018
    3. Amy Steele
      Amy Steele
      Hi Roland Deschain 64, apologies for the delayed reply. bradype is correct. It's possible for a player to receive army units from quests that are 2 or even 3 ages in advance of their own age, by being advanced in the quest line
      Nov 25, 2018
    4. FelixPSY375
      They may get the units from OF by Quests. Its totally legit.
      Nov 27, 2018
  8. King Jared The III
  9. King Jared The III
    King Jared The III
    Join us in the weekly prize threads!:)
  10. King Jared The III
  11. Darlene Eloah Ash
  12. rudraa
  13. King Jared The III
  14. Kaz Queen B
    Kaz Queen B Kickstart101
    Thanks :)
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    2. FelixPSY375
      Hello there Kaz B Queen
      Nov 12, 2018
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  15. thanatos100
    Just who is the five O'clock hero?
  16. Kickstart101
    Hey Kaz Queen B, welcome!
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    2. FelixPSY375
      Yo hello there Kickstart
      Nov 12, 2018
  17. Kaz Queen B
  18. cm99
    Getting slowly by each day
  19. Kaz Queen B
    Kaz Queen B
    Hello all play for fun an make new friends in game
  20. thanatos100
    Only ever be friends with a wholeship
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    2. Kaz Queen B
      Kaz Queen B
      Nov 8, 2018