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  1. STUDIO65
    Innogames screwed me out of diamonds
  2. Cursedveggie
    Who want's to be my friend? Look me up on Langendorn
  3. Affy67
    Farming sectors wish players couldnt do it
  4. Affy67
    farming sectors really gets me going shouldnt be allowed .
  5. popa g
    popa g
    I'm in the MATRIX
  6. rudraa
    Hello visitor...
  7. Test Ament
    Test Ament Andrew420
    where is the apology ?
  8. JjG_
  9. good1924
    if got no diamond's why have to pay , its a game it should be to enjoy not make make people in debt.
    1. Skott Ravenfyre
      Skott Ravenfyre
      Nobody is forced to pay diamonds, it’s a choice. Developing a game costs millions a month. Without diamonds, there is no game. Simple.
      Sep 15, 2018 at 4:31 PM
  10. good1924
    Times on the game far far to long for some items.
  11. good1924
    Plunder should be scrap its stupid thing to have in a game. and lot people will leave the game.
    1. Skott Ravenfyre
      Skott Ravenfyre
      Sorry, disagree. This isn’t Sim City. It’s a war and strategy game. Look up guides in the forum on improving your defences.
      Sep 15, 2018 at 4:33 PM
  12. Liam the Lion 007
    Liam the Lion 007 ChristaC
    Did you find a guild ChristaC? PM me in the game if you didn’t. Sorry I don’t come to the forum very often :-)
  13. Lord Edvinas Fon Kruger
    Lord Edvinas Fon Kruger
    Do not be sorry, be better
    1. Skott Ravenfyre
      Skott Ravenfyre
      Sometimes in order to be a better person, you have to be sorry. :P
      Sep 11, 2018
  14. Pyro Psycho
    Pyro Psycho
    Just hit 100 like milestone! Thank you everyone who has liked my posts <3
  15. Trerro
  16. popa g
    popa g
    In the MATRIX
  17. nickadeemus5
  18. Hannibal the Great
    Hannibal the Great
    Because together it makes sense, the idea is for us to join hands and the only part where spirit dies. The idea is you.
  19. ThePerson12345
  20. Mercantile
    Building up rich.