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  1. jayamos
    Can you confirm when I started playing FoE and are you able to tell me the dates and guilds I have played the game within?
  2. Ilela
    Fulfilled Notre Dame BP...
  3. Ilela
    Trying to get inno blueprints. Harder than it seem on low lv GB.
  4. the king calvin
  5. Bridgeman55
    HMA: Won the Forum comp and a full set of Kraken bps -
  6. Bridgeman55
    Bridgeman55 Gratski
    I have friends there ... mighty fine outfit !
  7. Gratski
    Main Game: Griefental --- Guild: Men of the North
  8. Bridgeman55
    Hagia @ 21 fp/d ( 10 fp/d = SoK density [incl coin] ) - 5 Bountiful CMs -
  9. earthfyres
    earthfyres Amy Steele
    I probably look like an idiot but I cannot seem to locate where you are supposed to actually POST a bug. Can you please explain? World Houndsmoore - problem: can't see/use spearfighters even after I sold/rebuilt the building and rerecruited them.
    1. Amy Steele
      Amy Steele
      Oct 3, 2017
  10. jrslm
    Enjoying the game and looking forward for the improvements
  11. Ilela
    Finally!!! Basilica has been built.
  12. Bridgeman55
    Bridgeman55 S J K
    Have a good one ... pop in @ RD soon ♩▼♩
    1. S J K
      S J K
      haha back again :D (was a while ago) yeah i was talking about it to MC
      Oct 16, 2017 at 6:53 PM
  13. S J K
    S J K
    Gonna have a break from the game, nice forging : )
  14. Urania the spider 298
    Urania the spider 298
    Dear OVERTYPE can i download strike team animation including attack and death animation
  15. Ilela
    Yay, got my last Basilica BP. Also I have gotten second set of Aachen BP (which I won't build)
  16. wolf claw
    wolf claw Gobbi
    Hi hows it going
  17. Ilela
    Wish I could trade Aachen blueprints for Basilica ones
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  18. wolf claw
  19. Urania the spider 298
    Urania the spider 298 OVERTYPE
    Excuse me, can i see strike team idle, attacking, get hit, and dead animation. Because i like "strike team"
  20. firestormfury
    HMA is fun, but EMA looked better.